Bitcoin Poker Casinos You Should Try

When it comes to online casino card games, poker is one of the most popular options for players. This game comes in several variants, all with impressive wins in store if you have what it takes to create a winning hand. These are skills you can hone through the free trial games offered at online casinos.

Once you’re ready to play this game using real money, you can make your transactions using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. That way, you get to make highly secure payments, which are also fast, whenever you deposit or withdraw funds to or from your preferred gambling site.

Key features
Welcome bonus
7bit Casino

24/7 Customer support

Good selection of games

5 BTC + 200 Free Spins
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Betchain Casino

Live chat support is available 24/7

Website is translated into many languages

1 BTC + 200 Free Spins
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Betflip Casino

High withdrawal limit

Massive selection of games

10 BTC + 100 Free Spins
Log In Casino

Good selection of game providers

Multiple currencies in one account

5 BTC + 300 Free Spins
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Simple and clean website design

Live chat support is available 24/7

200% up to 1 BTC
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Crypto Thrills Casino

Casino accepts players from many countries

Live chat support is available 24/7

250% up to 1 BTC + 70 Free Spins
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CryptoWild Casino

Live chat support is available 24/7

Good selection of games

1 BTC + 150 Free Spins
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mBit Casino

Good selection of games

Live chat support is available 24/7

150% up to 2 BTC + 100 Free Spins
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Kingbit Casino

Good selection of games

No restricted countries

Live chat support is available 24/7

110% up to 1 BTC
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Wild Tornado Casino

Huge selection of game providers

Live chat support is available 24/7

Massive selection of games

1 BTC + 100 Free Spins
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How Do We Rate Online Poker Sites?

For us to curate a recommended list of sites, there are four key areas we look at. You'll notice these when you read any of our reviews. That's because they're some of the elements that enable us to rate individual casinos and rank them accordingly within the lists.

Security & Licensing
Security & Licensing
Website Design
Website Design
Customer Support
Customer Support
Bonuses & Promotions
Bonuses & Promotions

How to Start Playing Poker

With every online casino payment solution, there are a few steps you need to follow before you can start transacting. The same is necessary once you choose bitcoin as your preferred gambling currency. We’ve broken down the necessary stages in detail so that you can get started the right way once you’re ready.

Create an Account with a Crypto Exchange

For you to use cryptos, you must first own them. To do this, you need to have an account with a crypto exchange platform. These sites function as a store for buying various cryptocurrencies whenever you need them.

Crypto exchanges are in plenty these days. So do your research before deciding which platform to move ahead with. On most sites, you’ll only need your name and email to register and be able to purchase cryptos. A verification link will get sent to your email to ensure you’re the account holder.

Buy Crypto Coins

Once you verify your account, you’re set to start buying bitcoin for your gambling. There will also be other crypto options available if you’d like to own a variety of them. You can buy as much or as little as you want to using fiat currency.

Secure a Crypto Wallet

Since you now own cryptos, you’ll need a way to send and receive them to and from your chosen poker site. The only way to do that is through a crypto wallet. You can think of it as a conduit between your preferred gambling site and your crypto exchange. There are several renowned options to help you with funding your gambling. Sign up for an account.

You can use your exchange’s wallet if they have one. However, to improve the level of security you get with bitcoin ownership and use, you should get a different service provider with your wallet selection.

Transfer Coins to Your Wallet

Once your wallet is set up, log in and top it up using the bitcoins you purchased from the exchange. You can load your wallet with all the cryptos you bought or only some of them.

Create an Account with a Crypto Poker Site

With your wallet ready to fund your online gambling, you only need to find a legitimate site. There are several platforms these days accepting cryptos. Only select legitimate casino sites to join, using the criteria we listed above.

To make your work easier, you can also pick a casino from our recommended list. All listed options have been vetted and deemed suitable for players to join. No additional research on them is necessary to get started.

Click on the sign-up button and complete the account registration to become a member.

Transfer Your Coins to Your Crypto Poker Account

With your account set up, you can proceed to fund it using cryptos. To do this, navigate to the cashier section of the site. Click on deposit to get a list of the available options. Look for a crypto wallet since that’s the only way to deposit using bitcoin.

You’ll need to enter your account details and the amount you’d like to deposit. Confirm the transaction and wait for the funds to reflect. Although this is a one-time registration phase, you can choose to change your account details with each transaction. That’s a feature you only get when using cryptos to enhance your account’s security.

Most Popular Poker Games

There are several poker variations available online. Each of these has different rules that use the same card hands to help determine the winner. These are the five of a kind, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pairs, one pair, and no pair.

Texas Hold’Em Poker

This is a game for at least five players. The aim is to create the best five-card hand from the two hole cards you receive and five community cards laid out. It uses a single standard card deck.

Omaha Hold’Em Poker

This variation is similar to Texas Hold’em, only you’ll receive four instead of two cards. There can be between 2-10 players during a round. The dealer will then lay out up to five community cards. You need to use at least two of your card in addition to the community cards to create a high five-card hand.

Seven-Card Stud

Played among a minimum of four players, everyone receives two face-down or hidden cards and one face-up or door card before they bet. Through more rounds, everyone receives a total of three hidden and four door cards. Make your ideal five-card hand to see whether you win.

2-7 Triple Draw

With this variation, you win if you have the lowest ranking hand. All players receive five cards that can then get swapped out during the next three rounds.

Chinese Poker

Chinese poker takes things to a different level by dealing 13 cards to players. Each one then gets to create three hands, with two hands holding five cards and the third holding three cards. Rearrange the cards to create the highest-ranking hands possible so you can win.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Once you’re ready to transact with your chosen casino using Bitcoin, start by checking the banking terms and conditions at your chosen site. These will indicate the minimum and maximum amount you can deposit to the platform as crypto for your gambling. You’ll also get a detailed guide on how to make your deposit, just in case you’ve never done it before.

Additionally, the banking terms will also inform you of the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits, and any fees charged on the site. However, in most cases, you incur no charges from your crypto wallet for Bitcoin transactions. That’s because there are no third parties processing payments. This also helps to make payments fast since they’re all handled digitally.

Keep in mind though that you cannot reverse a payment sent to the wrong account. So whenever you’re funding your account or requesting a payout, copy and paste the addresses so you don’t suffer any losses.


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